Snow Ranger AW09

Wide and straight longitudinal groove design improves performance on wet ground. 
Special studless tread compound greatly improves braking performance in winter. 
Interval arranged lateral groove design in carter part increases grip ability on snow and ice road, guaranteeing safe handling performance. 
Optimized pitch arrangement design reduces the noise to minimum level.

  Speed rate:T/H/V
  Section width:155-245

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Specifications Subdivision of Snow Ranger AW09

Category Size LI/SR PR Extra
QTY/40'HQ Noise (dB) Fuel
Wet Grip
Studless 215/45R17 91H   XL 1050 72 D C
Studless 235/55R17 99T     820 72 D C
Studless 215/55R18 95H     850 72 D C
Studless 235/50R18 97H     800 72 D C
Studless 245/40R18 93H     800 72 D C
Studless 255/55R18 109T   XL 650 73 D C
Studless 235/50R19 99H     880 72 D C
Studless 235/55R20 102H     880 72 D C
Studless 255/50R20 109H   XL 700 73 D C
Studless 255/55R20 107H     650 73 D C
Studless 275/40R20 106V   XL 592 73 D C
Studless 275/45R20 110H   XL 600 73 D C
Studless 315/35R20 106T     380 74 D C
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