Snow Cruiser AW06

Design of different types of kerf can improvethe grip of tires in icy and snowy weather, and improve the braking performance on frozen road. 
Design of wide lateral groove and open shoulder,help to quickly drain ice and snow, improve tire traction,and avoid sideslip. 
Design of the main groove in the form of a broken line increases the contact area between the tire and snow, and improves the snow performance of the tire. 
Stronger carcass construction helps effectivelyimprove endurance and loading performance. Excellent durability,even with heavy loads.

  Speed rate:T/R
  Section width:185-235

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Specifications Subdivision of Snow Cruiser AW06

Category Size LI/SR PR Extra
QTY/40'HQ Noise (dB) Fuel
Wet Grip
Studless 195/70R15C 104/102R 8   1150 72 C A
Studless 215/65R15C 104/102R 6   1050 72 D A
Studless 215/70R15C 109/107R 8   980 72 C A
Studless 225/70R15C 112/110R 8   1100 72 C A
Studless 195/60R16C 99/97T 6   1160 72 D A
Studless 185/75R16C 104/102R 8   1050      
Studless 195/75R16C 107/105R 8   950 72 D A
Studless 205/65R16C 107/105R 8   1000 72 C A
Studless 205/75R16C 110/108R 8   970 72 C A
Studless 215/65R16C 109/107R 8   960 72 C A
Studless 215/75R16C 113/111R 8   900 72 C A
Studless 225/65R16C 112/110R 8   890 72 C A
Studless 225/75R16C 121/120R 10   800 72 C A
Studless 235/65R16C 115/113R 8   770 72 C A

Function Description of NordChaser-WS1

PRODUCT FEATURE The whole tyre can be equipped with up to 200 studs(205/55R16, different sizes can be equipped with different studs quantities). Specially designed for the state of the Nordic winter. By optimizing the arrangement of the stud holes, ensure the superior grip on icy roads.
The bigger pattern block on the tyre shoulder with widened groove and concave-convex groove in the edge can improve the handling and braking performance on the icy roads; The bigger volume of the groove can enhance the ability of grip, press and discharge snow efficiently, ensure the excellent performance on snowy roads.
The Z-shape cutting groove design in the tyre shoulder can cut the snow column efficiently
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