The bionic design of wall lizard feet improves the adhesion of the ice and snow surface, with superior driving performance. 
Ultra-low temperature compound keeps tire soft even at 70℃ below zero, improving the grip on ice road. 
The unique "V" pattern design of central rib improves the stability of straight driving on the snow and ice road, ensuring the safety of driving. 
The tread with nails shortens the ice brake distance by 5%, and the snowfield brake distance by 2%.

The non-symmetrical pattern improves the stability when cornering and the 
anti-wear ability of the outer part. 
Application of ultra-low temperature compound helps ensure the softness 
of tire and driving safety even in -70℃ condition. 
3D kerf design can reduce the displacement by 8% and improve the grip. 
Chamfer edge design can effectively reduce the noise in driving.

The Winter-Max A1 tyre optimally combines high performance handing and reliable winter grip. It offers balanced driving in rapidly changing weather conditions for passenger cars.

Design of different types of kerf can improvethe grip of tires in icy and snowy weather, and improve the braking performance on frozen road. 
Design of wide lateral groove and open shoulder,help to quickly drain ice and snow, improve tire traction,and avoid sideslip. 
Design of the main groove in the form of a broken line increases the contact area between the tire and snow, and improves the snow performance of the tire. 
Stronger carcass construction helps effectivelyimprove endurance and loading performance. Excellent durability,even with heavy loads.

The unique"V"pattern design of central rib improves the stability of straight driving on the snow and ice road,ensuring the safety of driving. 
Application of ultra-low temperature compound helps ensure the softness of tire and driving safety even in-70°C condition. 
The zigzag design of tire edge can effectively remove the ice water film and improve the stability. 
Water suction bag is designed to store and evacuate the water rapidly so as to enhance the ice and snow performance.

The Winter Force tyre with powerful grip on rain snow and even ice road condition. Non studded winter tyre technology with the best safety characteristics. WL7 specially design for commercial vehicle and vans.

Wide and straight longitudinal groove design improves performance on wet ground. 
Special studless tread compound greatly improves braking performance in winter. 
Interval arranged lateral groove design in carter part increases grip ability on snow and ice road, guaranteeing safe handling performance. 
Optimized pitch arrangement design reduces the noise to minimum level.

Indicators of Winter Tyre

  Snow tires have asymmetrical directional tread pattern. Snow tires have more grooves.  

  The silicon dioxide mixture rubber formula can contact more closely with the smooth ice surface.  

  Under low temperature conditions, snow tires will still maintain a soft texture.

Winter Tyres FAQs

  • What are Winter Tyres?

    Winter tyres provide excellent slush, snow , and wet traction in cold climate conditions. Winter tyres can be sold for various functions like aggressive high performance snow tires, snow tires in mud,in rain, on dry roads or on ice. There are also winter tire set specials for different transporations such as 4×4 SUV winter snow tyres, aggressive snow tires for light trucks.

  • The Benefits of Winter Tyres

    Winter handing. Multi-layer sipes and the edged saw-tooth blocks provide better steering and stability on snow and ice.

    Winter Weather Compound. With the silica-rich tread compound, the winter tyre maintains supreme grip thanks to its perfect calibration of hardness and flexibility in extremely cold weather conditions.

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